Our vision is to become the leading provider of 5G service in Guyana and the Caribbean through building relationships by Connecting people, places and businesses while providing our customers with the most advanced technology available at competitive prices.
“Building relationships by Connecting people, places and businesses”.


Our mission is to give you, the Guyanese people, a telecommunication experience that will forever improve your life and the success of your business through state of the art technology that is easily accessible and at affordable costs.

Core values

We are passionate about our engagement, our commitment and our determination to energise and inspire our team and our community to reach for ever greater heights. Through advanced technology we are prepared to go beyond the boundaries of our limitations. In our markets we will be present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect because we value you to be a part of us.

A Short Story About Us

  • Owner/Founder- Mr. Kadem Srinivasa Rao

SkyTel Communications Limited was founded in 2018 with the objective to create an advanced 5G Network throughout the Caribbean chain of islands.
Our entry into the Caribbean market is carefully planned out. We identified a strong consumer need for a new provider to provide a reliable and cost-effective mobile communications service. Presently there are only two mobile networks in the countries we are targeting, with Digicel and Flow currently operating in most markets in the Caribbean.